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in the face of the epidemic of covid-19, a large number of patients with normal medical needs can not go to hospital to seek medical treatment, and their diseases can not be treated well, which seriously decreases the quality of life of patients. eisai china holdings ltd. is joining hands with all sectors of society to fight against the epidemic, and escorting people to tide over the crisis.

since the outbreak of the epidemic, on the one hand, we have actively raised all kinds of anti-epidemic materials through overseas channels as many as possible to offer more security to the majority of medical personnel fighting in the frontline, on the other hand, suzhou plant of eisai china inc. and eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd. have actively organized the resumption of work and production to ensure the production and supply of drugs in accordance with the requirements of the local government and on the premise of ensuring the health and safety of employees, especially to ensure the production of drugs donated by eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd., the demand statistics of epidemic prevention drugs and the logistics during the epidemic period, so as to win this white war. as of march 2, 2020,eisai china holdings ltd. has donated 1 million yuan to the wuhan charity federation, more than 10-million-yuan worth of drugs to protect and improve the self-immunity of medical personnel and more than 750,000-yuan worth of medical protective masks, goggles, forehead thermometers, disinfection supplies and other materials that have been urgently raised from overseas and other channels, and its donation work is still in progress.

meanwhile, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of its employees, eisai has, on the one hand, purchased masks and relevant disinfection and protection articles through various channels at home and abroad, and reimbursed for those purchased by employees themselves, on the other hand, actively used the online system to organize and carry out various internal communication and training activities, launched a campaign featuring “eisai supports hubei” for those employees in the affected areas, so as to relieve the pressure of such employees during the epidemic period, exchange anti-epidemic experience, enhance confidence and enrich the life of such employees.

during the epidemic prevention and control period, eisai china inc. has actively cooperated with third-party platforms to carry out online public welfare activities, such as “boyuntang anti-epidemic special session”, “expert network lecture: ct early signs and differential diagnosis of covid-19”, “special session for famous orthopedists providing free diagnosis of neck, shoulder, low back pain”, “cervical spondylosis special session” and “online free clinic services from 30 provinces for neurological diseases”, actively carried out public welfare activities such as “care for cancer patients” and “protect you with long-term prescriptions from epidemic”, and provided patients with free medical help, guidance on home isolation, as well as suggestions on transfer and treatment, so as to better solve practical problems for patients in medical treatment and diagnosis, such as difficulty in seeing a doctor, difficulty of diagnosis, difficulty in consultation, difficulty in dispensing, and difficulty in follow-up.

ms. feng, yanhui, president of eisai china, said that we have been rooted in china for past 29 years and have maintained a sound, healthy and rapid growth. our development can hardly do without the efforts, devotions and love for china of every employee of eisai. upholding the corporate philosophy of “hhc“, we hope that all employees will work together with the public and win the battle against covid-19.