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on august 7, 2019, eisai china inc. was invited to participate in a cpc sub-branch co-construction campaign in zhenping organized and arranged by the school of pharmacy of china pharmaceutical university.  seventeen people, including shiying zhang, party secretary of school of pharmacy, yan huang, deputy party secretary and other relevant leaders from china pharmaceutical university, ningbang wang, deputy director of jiangning high-tech park administrative committee, wei guo, chief physician and director of the geriatric endocrinology department of shaanxi provincial people’s hospital, wei cui, chief physician and  director of  department of geriatric endocrinology of first affiliated hospital of xi’an jiaotong university, xiaojing zhang, director of the general practice department and emergency treatment department of second affiliated hospital of xi’an jiaotong university, as well as xiongwei gu party branch secretary and head of internal audit department of eisai china inc., came to zhenping.  the co-construction campaign at this time mainly included: the drug donation by eisai china inc., experts’ free clinic services, “rational drug use” lectures, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, transfer treatment, academic exchanges, etc.

drug donation ceremony of eisai china inc.

at 8: 30 a.m., the co-construction campaign started on time. the drug donation ceremony of eisai china inc. was held first. shiying zhang expressed thanks to eisai china inc. for its strong support to the branch co-construction campaign, and pointed out in particular that in the early communication with president yanhui feng of eisai china inc., she felt the entrepreneurial spirit of “human health care“, and both parties agreed and immediately started the project cooperation. xiongwei gu said at the donation ceremony that eisai china inc. has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “hhc” (human health care), and actively participated in philanthropic activities and fulfilled corporate social responsibility.

at 9 a.m., the free clinic service and training lectures started on time. prof. wei guo and prof. xiaojing zhao had face-to-face communication with the patients, and provided them with free clinic services. at the same time, prof. wei cui brought a lecture on “rational drug use” to grassroots doctors.  after the free clinic services and lectures, relevant heads of the health bureau, zhenping county hospital and transfer treatment office had more in-depth exchanges and communication on hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, strengthening academic exchanges between the hospitals in xi’an and hospitals in zhenping county, transfer treatment co-construction, and joint diagnosis of general practice patients by xi’an and zhenping.

free clinic services

lecture on “rational drug use”

the core of eisai china’s “hhc” corporate philosophy is: we give first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides. we advocate that every employee should spend 1% of working time with patients every year, and apply the seci mode (including socialization, externalization, combination and internalization) and carry out hhc. only by contacting and understanding the patients, thinking deeply and producing resonance can they realize the “hhc demand”, that is, “socialization”. only by making mutual exchanges with members, generating new concepts and optimizing ideas for solving problems can they form “hhc ideas”, i.e. “externalization”. only by formulating action plans, continuously improving and revising plans according to opinions and suggestions, and improving the levels of actions, can they realize “hhc innovation”, that is, “combination”.  only through effective implementation of the project and continuous revision and optimization, can they get the “hhc knowledge”, i.e. “internalization”. therefore, eisai china attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and will continue to support various forms of social activities for public good under the leadership of president feng yanhui.