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please read the following legal notice carefully prior to using the corporate website (“the website”) of eisai china inc. (“eisai”), which includes 开元体育官网下载手机版 copyrights, trademarks and domain name, privacy, disclaimers, links, applicable laws and versions. by accessing the website, you agree and accept all terms of this legal notice, as amended from time to time.

开元体育官网下载手机版 copyrights

1. 开元体育官网下载手机版 copyrights in all materials, including, but not limited to data, text, graphics, images, sound, and video, provided in the website, are owned by eisai or co-owned by eisai and its provider, and are protected by law. without eisai’s prior written permission, you are not allowed to use the website for profit purposes. eisai permits the good faith use of the website for personal, non-profit purposes. the contents of the website may not be copied other than for non-profit purposes, and thereafter may not be, recopied, reproduced, modified, redistributed, mirrored, republished, reprinted, compiled and/or displayed without eisai’s prior written permission. all 开元体育官网下载手机版 copyrights to downloaded contents of the website must be retained.
2. any action infringing or trying to infringe the website is strictly prohibited, including, but not limited to logging in to servers and accounts without authorized access, accessing restricted website database, attempting to detect, test and damage the security of the website and/or the system, trying to disrupt the services that the website provides. eisai will prosecute individuals or entities found to be infringing or damaging the website, its system and security to the fullest extent of the law.

trademarks and domain name

1. trademarks, product names, service marks, images and logos of eisai (卫材) displayed on the website are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by eisai domestically and abroad and are protected by law. except as permitted herein, the use or misuse of these trademarks or any materials contained in the website is expressly prohibited.
2. the domain name is owned by eisai and protected by law. except as permitted herein, the use or misuse of this domain name is expressly prohibited.


1. eisai respects and handles the personal information of users of the website according to chinese law and eci personal information protection policy. eisai will not publish or distribute personal information registered or submitted through the website, except when eisai:
1.1 obtains authorization from the right holder;
1.2 follows regulations as required by law;
1.3 is required to execute a judgment made by a court of competent jurisdiction, or an arbitral award made by an arbitration committee or other judicial procedure;
1.4 is required to execute a government order;
1.5 finds that the user breached the rules of use of the website or infringes eisai’s rights.
2. the website installs cookies. whenever a user visits the website, the website automatically sends cookies to the user’s web browser to be stored into the hard drive of the user’s pc. cookies allow the website to track the browsing activities, preferences and usage of the user in order that user can be immediately recognized on subsequent visits and automatically logged into the website. cookies also allow eisai to personalize the website according to the user’s preferences and browsing habits.


1. eisai will reasonably endeavor to provide valid information in the website. however, eisai makes no representation or warranty as to the security, accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of such information. in no event shall eisai be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by any decision made or action taken in reliance upon or use of the information or material contained in the website.
2. eisai does not guarantee that the website will be virus-free. eisai disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by viruses or other harmful components that may infect the user’s pc, any other software, hardware, other it systems or other third-party property on account or as a result of the user’s access to, use of, and/or downloading any information or material from the website. eisai disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever to users of the website caused by any third party’s unauthorized access or attempts to access the website’s access code, materials or content or any of eisai’s systems or networks.
3. eisai does not guarantee that the website will be error-free, omission-free, uninterrupted, or without delay. eisai disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by accessing or using the website, inability to use the website, or any errors or omissions in the content thereof or from reliance on any information or material contained in the website.
4. eisai reserves the right to add, change, modify, delete or terminate any content on the website at any time without notice or information. eisai disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by adding, changing, modifying, deleting or terminating any content on the website.


1. the website is link-free. however, after the website is linked, the user who made the link is responsible for cancelling the link if requested by eisai. any action to link the website shall be construed as an acceptance of eisai’s right to cancel the link.
2. eisai provides links to third-party websites, but only for the convenience of access by the website users. eisai does not endorse, recommend or accept the content of the linked websites. eisai has no responsibility for the third-party websites. whenever you visit the third-party websites linked to the website, you understand that they are independent from eisai and eisai has no control over these third-party websites or the contents referred to, accessed by or available on these third-party websites. eisai will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by your visit or access to the third-party websites.
3. users of the website are responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by the actions of linking to such third-party websites.

applicable laws

any dispute or claim arising out of or related to the website is governed by the laws of china and shall be brought to the people’s court in eisai’s place of domicile.


this legal notice is written in both chinese and english languages. the chinese version shall be the original version and english version as a reference. in the event of any conflict or difference between the two versions, the chinese version shall prevail.