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on june 24, 2019, eisai china inc. was invited to participate in the “health to countryside” activity, which was organized by the education, science, health and sports committee of cppc in qinghai province, and donated drugs worth of about rmb 530,000 yuan to the qinghai red cross society, which will be used in the “health to countryside” activity in qinghai province. eisai china has always been adhering to its hhc (human health care) corporate philosophy, actively participating in charitable activities and bearing its social responsibilities. from 2014 to 2019, we have donated medicines worth of about rmb 3 million yuan through the “health to countryside” campaign.

the honorary credential granted eisai china inc.

the “health to countryside” is hosted by the education, science, health and sports committee of cppc and undertook by the chinese pharmaceutical association to provide health assistance to huangzhong county of xining city, guide county of the hainan tibetan autonomous prefecture, gangcha county of haibei tibetan autonomous prefecture and xihai town of haibei prefecture of qinghai province etc. it is an important activity organized annually by the education, science, health and sports committee of cppc and a traditional activity to implement the cppcc constitution, providing not only basic medical services, medicines, concepts, technologies and management, but also charity clinics and lectures etc., which close the distance between the committee members, experts, doctors, enterprises and the masses.

the core of the “hhc” concept of eisai china is to give our first thoughts to patients and their families, actively communicate with patients and meet the needs of both patients and their families. eisai china advocates that every employee should spend 1% of their working time with patients every year to practice hhc. only by understanding the patients’ feelings and pains, we could provide better services, introduce products that the patients really need and win the trust of both the patients and their families on the products and services of eisai china. eisai china attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and will continue to devote its corporate love to the “health to countryside” under the leadership of ms. feng yanhui, the president of eisai china, and contribute to the medical and health career in the poverty-stricken areas.