eisai to launch chocola bb® mouth ulcer repair shot — first mouth ulcer spray for the chocola bb brand – eisai china lnc.-开元体育官网下载手机版

eisai co., ltd. (headquarters: tokyo, ceo: haruo naito, “eisai”) announced today that it will launch “chocola bb® mouth ulcer repair shot” (third-class otc drug) for mouth ulcers in japan on thursday, august 25. the product is the first oral care spray to be marketed under the chocola bb brand.

mouth ulcer is a general term that refers to any inflammation of the mucous membrane in the mouth. in many cases, it is thought that nutritional imbalances, lifestyle changes and/or stress lead to a decrease in the mucous membrane’s ability to regenerate, allowing bacteria to penetrate the membrane and cause an ulcer to form.

chocola bb mouth ulcer repair shot is a medicated spray that is effective for mouth ulcers and soothing pain caused by inflammation in the throat. containing antiseptic cetylpyridinium chloride (cpc) that keeps the mouth clean, as well as azulene which acts to repair the mucous membrane, the spray alleviates the symptoms of mouth ulcers by allowing the active ingredients to be directly applied into the mouth. it also comes in a compact form making it portable and easy to use anywhere without having to directly touch the affected area.

centered around the signature otc product chocola bb® plus® (third-class otc drug) for the relief of skin trouble, acne and mouth ulcers, eisai has been expanding the chocola bb brand to suit the needs and lifestyles of its customers such as chocola bb® royal 2 (quasi-drug), a nutritional drink for invigoration when physically fatigued, and chocola bb® joma, a soft drink that contains vitamin b6 (food with nutrient function claims).

through the chocola bb brand, eisai will continue to respond to the diverse needs of female consumers and support an ever-growing number of people to achieve health and beauty in their everyday lives.