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the 6th gastrointestinal & liver disease treatment forum (hereinafter referred to as “give”), which was hosted by eisai china inc. and consisted of two sessions, completed successfully on mar. 20 and mar. 27 separately. in order to avoid people gathering during the epidemic outbreak, the forum was held online innovatively. as one of the biggest annual academic feasts that eisai china inc. held in the field of digestive liver disease, the forum aims to build an academic exchange platform for chinese and overseas experts to deeply analyze the most cutting-edge development trend in the field of digestive diseases. the forum invited experts in the field of infection and digestion to discuss the latest progress in the infection field under the novel coronavirus epidemic situation, the current diagnosis and treatment mode in the digestion field and the development trend. more than 20,000 people watched the live broadcast of the two online sessions. although the epidemic hindered people from getting together, it could not stop the academic exchange and adherence.
ms. yanhui feng, president of eisai china holdings ltd. & eisai china inc., is delivering a speech online

in the first session of the give forum held on march 20, ms. yanhui feng, president of eisai china holdings ltd. & eisai china inc., delivered the opening speech, expressing her welcome and thanks to all the experts and colleagues to participate in the online give forum, and giving her gratitudes for their unremitting efforts and contributions to the development of digestive liver diseases during the epidemic period. she also indicated that eisai china inc. always adheres to the corporate philosophy of hhc (human health care) and is committed to promoting the rapid development of the field of digestive liver disease to improve the satisfaction of patients and their families with academic aids, and will create greater value for patients together with the experts and colleagues.

professor minhu chen serves as chairman of the forum in the first session

prof. minhu chen, chairman of the digestive branch of the chinese medical association, was invited as the forum’s chairman in the first session. prof. jifang sheng gave the first speech themed of “infections – treatment of severe patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia”, which generated a surge of online participators with exciting contents. the second topic consisted of “nip the bud – the comprehensive management of medicine-induced gastrointestinal injury” given by professor sha weihong and “better or fitter – the individual treatment of chronic gastritis” by professor li jingnan, which brought the audience a new understanding of medicine-induced liver injury and drug-induced gastrointestinal injury. at last, prof. minhu chen made a concluding speech for the forum, giving it a full recognition and wished it an even better future.  

mr. jianzhong zhang, vp & head of pharmaceutical business division of eisai china inc., is giving a speech

on march 27, mr. jianzhong zhang, vp & head of pharmaceutical business division of eisai china inc., was invited to give a speech at the second session of the give forum. he indicated that the give forum had lasted for six years and had become one of the biggest annual academic feasts in the field of digestion held by eisai china inc. he thanked the experts for their support to the give forum and promised that eisai china inc. would continue to take action to push the development of the digestive liver diseases. prof. duowu zou of shanghai ruijin hospital was also invited to the forum as the chairman and lecturer in the second session. prof. hong tang, director of the infectious disease center of west china hospital, sichuan university, gave a speech on the topic of “infections: the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia”, analyzing the concerned aspects from the perspective of infectious diseases department. prof. duowu zou’s speech, challenges and thoughts on the diagnosis and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, and the speech of prof. ning dai, dean of the medical college of zhejiang university city college, on “the old vs the new: the current situation and diagnosis & treatment of overlapping symptoms of functional gastrointestinal diseases” introduced the latest diagnosis and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and functional dyspepsia. the three professors shared the latest information about the relevant medical topics, and gave high praise to the forum. 

prof. duowu zou serves as chairman of the forum in the second session

eisai china inc. adheres to the hhc corporate philosophy of “human health care” and is committed to building an international academic exchange platform in the field of digestion, combining rigorous academic theory and clinical practice, exploring clinical diagnosis and treatment ideas, improving the clinical diagnosis and treatment level of difficult cases of digestive system, sharing the latest domestic and international academic information to provide medical professionals more gains and breakthroughs.