eisai completes construction of its new injection/research building at kawashima industrial park in japan – eisai china lnc.-开元体育官网下载手机版

to strengthen its research and development function for injectable drug formulations


eisai co., ltd. (headquarters: tokyo, ceo: haruo naito, “eisai”) announced today that, as part of the strategic investment towards the realization of its medium-term business plan “eway future & beyond”, it has completed construction of the new injection/research building “eisai medicine innovation technology solutions” (“emits”) at the kawashima industrial park located in gifu prefecture, japan.

(external view of emits)

emits will be eisai’s global base for formulation and modality research. in recent years, eisai’s drug discovery targets have expanded to include modalities such as antibodies, antibody drug conjugates (adcs), and nucleic acid drugs, in addition to conventional small molecule compounds. at emits, eisai will strengthen its injectable drug formulation development research function and drug delivery system (dds) development function, including liposomal and lipid nanoparticle formulations, and address the development of various modalities. the following initiatives will be implemented.

  • elevating the quality and speed of formulation process research through introduction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing data management system and utilization of ai
  • installation of facilities that also enable the manufacturing of clinical trial materials in order to manufacture investigational injection drugs in-house
  • introduction of rapid microbial testing methods for advanced microbiological control and sterility assurance
  • enhancing collaboration with the creation of flexible space that can also be used for collaborative research with external partners and technologies

through these efforts, eisai aims to elevate the quality of the technology and knowledge of its formulation research function, and to become a base for disseminating innovation, technology, and solutions relating to formulations. the aggregate investment in the construction of emits is approximately 10 billion japanese yen.


the kawashima industrial park is eisai’s global pharmaceutical manufacturing base, at which eisai has made a comprehensive framework comprising all steps from formulation research to formulation manufacturing. through the construction of emits, eisai aims to elevate the quality of its formulation research and formulation manufacturing, accelerate medicine creation activities, and ultimately further its contribution to improving the benefits of patients and their families.


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