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the “meet you on wednesdays” platform sponsored by china international forum of medicine under chinese medical association and co-sponsored by eisai china inc. was officially launched recently. it is a network interaction & learning platform on peripheral neuropathy and other relevant diseases. china international forum of medicine is responsible for inviting prestigious national neurologist to deliver lectures and introduce typical cases of peripheral neuropathy, aiming at improving the skills of clinicians’ of all levels in mainland china in diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

since its launch in jul. 2012 till now, the platform has been broadcasting at 3:00 p.m. on the 2nd wednesday of each month. eisai china may organize doctors or the doctors may themselves visit  to watch the videos for learning and interaction. they can explore the latest guidelines released abroad, share and exchange views on typical cases, discuss on topics of peripheral neuropathy and share their valuable experience in scholar research and clinical diagnosis & treatment, thereby enhancing mutual communication and understanding.