eisai china inc. actively participated in “the 2nd large-开元体育官网下载手机版

on october 13, 2019, eisai china inc. responded positively to the “2nd large-scale alzheimer-disease-month memory walk campaign” sponsored by alzheimer’s disease chinese, gave strong support and actively provided volunteer services.

wang li, representative of eisai china, delivered a speech

featuring the theme of “let’s talk about dementia: end the stigma”, this activity aimed to call on patients and their families to calmly face alzheimer’s disease, and to advocate the correct understanding and treatment of the disease and patients. by encouraging different social groups to take part in this activity, more social groups will understand and know about alzheimer’s disease, and the whole society will be called upon to change and abandon the negative and pessimistic views on alzheimer’s disease, and actively treat and pay attention to the disease and patients based on “people-orientation”. in the process of walking, through participating in relevant activities, we popularize knowledge of alzheimer’s disease to the public, spread the diagnosis and treatment methods of alzheimer’s disease and advocate the correct concept of medical treatment, enhance the public’s correct understanding of the disease and concern for alzheimer’s patients, promote the whole society’s understanding and support for the elderly with alzheimer’s disease and their families, say no to discrimination, create a friendly living environment, and encourage patients and their families to hold such an attitude: “let’s talk about dementia: end the stigma”.

a group photo of eisai china volunteers with the sponsor and experts
this activity was mainly divided into two parts, namely, the voice of various social groups, and healthy walking. first of all, the leaders from all walks of life, representatives of different social groups, and patients’ families spoke to express their concern and their heartfelt wishes for the disease, so that all walks of life could hear the understanding and concern about the disease from different groups, that the public can pay attention to the disease, correctly understand it and say no to discrimination. on the following walking route, five sites with the themes of “understand alzheimer’s disease”, “prevent alzheimer’s disease”, “treat alzheimer’s disease”, “care for alzheimer’s disease” and “pay attention to alzheimer’s disease” were set up.  at each site there were 1-2 memory health booths from different units to popularize knowledge about alzheimer’s disease, offer activity experience and medical care and answer questions for residents on the scene.

we are willing to call on all sectors of society to participate, to help people understand the disease in a relaxing and healthy atmosphere, to pay attention to the disease and patients, to promote the development of the field, to build a good medical environment and to establish a sound disease support platform. we are committed to improving the social care and attention for patients with alzheimer’s disease, and cultivating and improving the professional skills of caregivers for the elderly with alzheimer’s disease.

eisai china inc. will always adhere to its business philosophy of hhc (human health care), that we give first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides.