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president’s message – eisai china lnc.-开元体育官网下载手机版

it has been 32 years since eisai came to china in 1991. it is fair to say that eisai’s relationship with china is long-standing and well-established. prof. hans mueller, vice president of beijing medical college (now peking university health science center) and his wife together with their team visited kawashima plant in 1972 when china and japan had not established diplomatic relations. under the chinese national flag at kawashima plant, mr. hiroshi kimura and the leaders of the plant welcomed and received the vice president muller and his team. this was the first time of the chinese national flag raising on japanese land and laid a firm and lasting foundation for the relationship between eisai and china. eisai china has also witnessed the rapid development of china’s economy as well as the prosperity and peace in china.


the world pharmaceutical market has been in the era of globalization. the pharmaceutical market in developed countries tends to be mature, while the market in emerging developing countries is in the stage of rapid growth. beyond the continuous reform and opening-up as well as the growth of national power, china, as the largest developing country, has been stepping up the reform of the healthcare system and dramatically increasing capital investment and market opening-up in recent years. the people’s concern and purchasing power in the healthcare field have also been increasing. i believe that the prospect of the chinese pharmaceutical industry will be broader and more splendid. eisai china will also have a broader and diversified development space and will continue to grow and expand with china.

the rapid development of china’s pharmaceutical industry has attracted a worldwide attention. seen from the global business structure of eisai, china has become a very important market now and in the future, and we are closely surrounding the strategic deployment of eway 2025, adhering to the human health care (hhc) philosophy, and taking “hhc, innovation, access, and autonomy” as the core cornerstones. we believe that eisai china will become a respectable pharmaceutical enterprise with hhc.

for the future development in the chinese market, we hope that we could bring more benefits to chinese patients and their families. eisai china will launch successively new products in the fields of neurology and oncology. meanwhile, eisai china will actively expand the market coverage including the low-tier market. in addition to large cities and major hospitals, we are going to cover small cities and healthcare facilities with eisai’s products and bring eisai’s products to more patients in china. the interests of patients and their families are our priority and we will contribute to improving their well-beings.

eisai china has been persistently practicing eisai’s hhc philosophy and continuously encouraging all employees to contribute to the society, especially to the patients and their families. we will find out the significance of the eisai’s philosophy when we fully understand the connotation and extension of hhc. our personal values can be reflected only by understanding the needs and interests of patients, giving them the top priority and constantly improving their healthcare satisfaction. eisai china encourages its employees to spend 1% of their business time with patients. eisai china carries out hundreds of hhc activities each year. the hhc philosophy is the original aspiration of eisai. the very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. i hope that every eisai staff can always keep the original aspiration in their minds when considering issues and making decisions in their work and use practical actions to achieve the goal of hhc.

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